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“Since the treatment with you things have only got better. By the following weekend most of the pain had disappeared from my neck…In short, emotionally and physically I feel almost back to my usual self, and I have also been signed off by the physio…Once again, many thanks, [your treatment voucher] was the best Christmas present I received this year.”  Mark Joynes

"I have suffered with spasms in the muscles at the bottom of my back for several years - this reached crisis point when I coughed and felt like I'd ruptured something.  The pain was so severe. My GP assured me it was just further muscle spasms and prescribed strong anti-inflammatory pills but I knew I had to get to the root of my back issues.  I had heard about Gerwyn's clinic via the local newspaper which had an article about his work with athletes during the London 2012 Olympics.  Gerwyn is very approachable, professional and knowledgeable. He not only eased the pain significantly during the clinic session he also advised me on stretching exercises to control the muscles in future. 12 months on and sometimes I have a very occasional twinge, but I step up my stretching exercises and all is well again.  I have recommended Gerwyn to many friends who have been delighted with all aspects of the muscle clinic.   Many, many thanks!"  Hannah Luhde-Thompson

"Gerwyn, you've been helping to put me back together since early 2010!  You're techniques just keep getting better and better, because you're committed to your own development and making sure that I have an up-to-date understanding of what's going on with my muscles.  You're always keen to find a solution and you always leave me with advice for how to keep on top of any niggles that may start to arise, with your home care plans.  I know we are all in safe hands when we need you!  I shoudn't say it (as a jinks to my own health) but look forward to seeing you again!" Yvie Johnson [Triathlon-Netball-Hockey-Xcountry-Road Races-Mountain Marathon-Fell Running-Swimming-MTB]


"I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which caused me to have severe pain in my lower back and legs, which effected my ability to walk any distance or stand for any period of time. Whilst awaiting my operation, I was made aware of Gerwyn's Muscle Therapy Clinic. Gerwyn visited me at home on several occasions to carry out the therapy. After only a short period of time, his treatment helped my severe pain problems. This enabled me to become more mobile which helped me to carry on working whilst waiting for my operation. Gerwyn's professional, caring and supportive manner no doubt enabled me to cope with my condition. I am eternally grateful to Gerwyn and have no hesitation in recommending his Muscle Therapy Clinic to anyone."
Clwyd Nash, Denbigh.

"I have been to many clinics over the years to treat injuries from sport. It is now with Gerwyn's dedicated and knowledgeable approach that I recover quicker and am able to prevent injuries thanks to his sharing of this knowledge. I would recommend no-one else to assist with muscular pain or discomfort."
Tom Hodgkinson Transition-Coaching,NorthWales

"We were fortunate to be recommended to Gerwyn from a friend.  His unique skills and knowledge were beneficial to relieve the discomfort of my son's adolescent muscular growing pains.  My son, whom previously was fit and playing football, had been unable to participate in any sports for over 12 months, due to the increasing pain experienced.  After seeing Gerwyn for only a short course of treatment he is now playing football again, and thoroughly enjoying it!  To be able to converse in Welsh was also beneficial to my son, and Gerwyn's warm welcome and sense of humour always put him at ease.  Diolch yn fawr."  Dewi Turner 

"After a period of suffering with lower back pain which had, by the time it had reached its climax, affected my ability to work, travel and take part in any physical activity, I went to have treatment from Gerwyn.  The relief I felt from receiving the correct treatment was stunning.  But the treatment Gerwyn provides is significantly more far reaching.  His attitude and conduct is very professional, yet welcoming and meaningful.  But what raised Gerwyn's treatment significantly above what I have received from other practitioners is the specialist advice he gave to prevent the pain from occurring again in future.  I was given a series of exercises and stretches to do at home which have ensured that the back pain I was experiencing has never returned.  I would recommed to anyone who has muscular pain or discomfort to visit Denbigh Muscle Therapy Clinic in order to benefit from this professional and dedicated service."
Lowri Hughes 

"I started with symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, about 6 months ago, and had a lot of pain in my feet especially in my heels. Getting up in the morning was difficult, and I could not put my heels down for the first couple of steps. I also found that the pain got worse as the day went on. It was affecting my work, as I needed to sit down. I was limited in the shoes I could wear. The medical advice I received was to take pain killers regularly, but I was not too keen. I was advised to go and see Gerwyn. He carefully explained the condition and what needed to be done. Gerwyn treated my feet and legs, and also showed me some exercises and stretches that I could do at home. After one treatment session I had less pain and felt better in the morning's.  I have not  taken any pain killers for 10 weeks since the treatment, and I can control the condition by doing the stretches. I'm looking forwards to start going walking and keeping fit once again soon."

Eleri Davies 




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